The Zenita Calendar – Hours, Days, Months of the Year

February 26, 2012 By: Christopher D. Eldridge Category: World-Building

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I’m trying to solidify the hours of the day, the days of the week, and the months of the year for the Zenita World. I’d like to get people’s opinions on what they like and don’t like. So I was hoping you could post comments on here and let me know what you think. A lot of them are meant to be descriptive of that particular time.

If you don’t like something, please offer an alternative, if you can think of one.

Here are the months. Note that there are 10 months, not 12 (30 days to every month):

Winter’s Grip (1st Month)
Last Snow (2nd Month)
First Sow/First Seeds/First Planting (Tell me your favorite) (3rd Month)
Life’s Blessing (4th Month)
Mid Year (5th Month)
Great Sun (6th Month)
Full Harvest (7th Month)
High Gathering (8th Month)
First Freeze (9th Month)
Winter’s Dawn (10th Month)

Here are the hours of the day. Common folk break the day up into 10 divisions, sort of similar to the Liturgy of the Hours in the Middle Ages. There are 30 hours in a day (NOT 24), hence 10 divisions. Note that there are 15 hours to a night and day (on average) as opposed to our 12. Just subtract 3 from any of these times to compare them to Earth and ignore the 3 o’clock times.
Also, do you like the time as two words or one?

High Night/Highnight (3 am)
Last Dark/Lastdark (6 am)
First Light/Firstlight (9 am)
Low Day/Lowday or Low Sun/Lowsun (12 am)
Mid Day/Midday (15 noon)
High Day/Highday or High Sun/Highsun (3 pm)
Last Light/Lastlight (6pm)
First Dark/Firstdark (9 pm)
Low Night/Lownight or Low Moon/Lowmoon (12 pm)
Mid Night/Midnight (15 midnight)

Lastly are the days of the week, which as of now I’m using important historical and religious figures. In my world there are 10 days in a week as opposed to our 7. So here they are 1-10:

Zeniton’s Day
Mara’s Day
Brigg’s Day
Luna’s Day
Grumm’s Day
Isla’s Day
Amadon’s Day
Vadra’s Day
Kai’s Day

Another alternative is to use the 10 luminaries (the Sun, the 3 Moons, and the 6 planets visible to the naked eye).
The names of the 3 Moons are:
– Mephador (green colored moon, also known as the Life Moon or Kindra. It is the symbol of life, earth, or birth);
– Zeladon (red colored moon, also known as the Blood Moon, Sigor, or Kravin. It is the symbol of blood, or death);
– Mephon (blue colored moon, also known as the Spirit Moon or Nesric. It is the symbol of rebirth).

I have not officially named the other 6 visible planets yet, but, like in traditional East Asian Philosophy, where the 5 planets in our sky are named after the 5 elements (Fire being Mars, Water being Mercury, Wood being Jupiter, Metal being Venus, and Earth being Saturn), I thought of doing the same, except using 6 elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Sky/Air, Wood, and Metal.

So what do you think. Stick with what I have, go with the luminaries, or perhaps something else? I’d love to hear any suggestions that you might have.

3 Comments to “The Zenita Calendar – Hours, Days, Months of the Year”

  1. “Winter’s Grip” 😈

    I like “First Planting” for the third month.

  2. I like First Sow.

    Your world is amazing!


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