The Mythical Sky Nation of the Beast Lands:

Dallos was always a harsh place to live. These islands were ravaged by storms, by dragons, by a cold that never fully released its grip. The people prayed for help but when none came, they lost their faith and abandoned their prayers. They turned their backs on God and embraced the old, dark religions. Forbidden arts—arcane magic, necromancy, transanimation, blood conjury—once only whispered in secret became open talk even upon the lips of children.

Darkness was drawn here like scavengers to a corpse. The Sheduin, once derelicts of this world, found refuge and safety. The very earth turned to poison, blighting the flora and fauna and giving birth to abominations. When the shadows upon the land grew large enough, it gave rise to a monster. To a Queen. To a Goddess of Death. To a savior the people called Avera—darkness incarnate.

According to legend, when the world came into creation, so did the Gmorgon, and with it it’s pair, the Trinity. Born from pure energy, they were counterparts to each other, subsisting to annihilate the other, like matter to antimatter. Yet, they never came into contact. Instead, the Gmorgon fed. Unraveling existence piece by piece. Until God bound the World Eater in a prison beyond creation. It was then that the Trinity split into three, each of them imbuing a mortal relic, before falling into a deep slumber. Their powers only to awaken should the Gmorgon return.

Even beyond the reaches of creation, the Gmorgon could still exert its influence upon it. The Holy Order believed this influence is what gave rise to Avera, and as such, God could no longer sit idly by and watch Avera’s power grow. So, he sent his wrath upon the people. Zeniton, Hand of God, was both His servant of war and of peace, of life and of death. As such, Zeniton laid waste to the heathens. Avera stood against him, but she was little more than a child, if monsters could be called such. Avera fled into darkness, abandoning her flock. The people were given a choice: repent or die. The brave and the loyal chose death. Those who chose to repent were branded as cowards. As punishment, Zeniton lifted Dallos into the sky. He stripped it of its name and turned it into the first line of defense. The Beast Lands would be a shield to defend against the Gmorgon and his servants. For the people to be saved, they would have to die for Zeniton.

When Avera was born, the relics of the Trinity woke. Zeniton took the first of these relics, Oshimbo Okivungo, and gave it to the people of the Beast Lands. As a sentient weapon, it would serve in a singular duty--to defend creation against annihilation.

Undisclosed Author, Bearer of the Seeker’s Mark 4,112 of the 16th Age

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