The Mythical Sky Nation of Dalrana:

The people of Dalrana were strong and pious. With the Slave Wars raging to the north, the Dalranans were the only nation in the East Hemisphere that rejected the bartering of another human. They fought and resisted without relent. Countless died fighting the Vulkarians and the men who served them, but the great nation of Dalrana would fall before they would succumb to the greed and wickedness of those who rejected God.

Some five thousand years ago, during the reign of Avera, the Sheduin Mistress and mother to the Vulkarians, the Dalranans were blessed for their unyielding devotion. The Hand of God, Zeniton, lifted the nation of Dalrana from the sea and beyond the reach of mortal men. No longer would it be their duty to defend freedom. Instead, it would be their duty to guard Uthixo Isandla, one of the three primordial sentient weapons.

As the Legend goes, when the world came into creation, so did the Endbringer, the Gmorgon. Produced as a pair, much like matter to antimatter, when the Gmorgon came into being so did the Trinity. Born from pure energy, they were counterparts to each other, subsisting to annihilate the other. Yet, they never came into contact. Instead, the Gmorgon ate. Unraveling existence piece by piece. Until God bound the World Eater in a prison beyond creation. But in doing so, the Trinity split into three relics, each of them falling into a slumber, only to be awoken should the Gmorgon remerge.

Undisclosed Author, Bearer of the Seeker’s Mark 4,112 of the 16th Age

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