The Mythical Sky Nation of Korhallo:

Five thousand years ago, during the reign of Avera, Mistress to the Sheduin, the Korhallons were said to have been blessed by God. On their borders to the west, lay the Dragon’s Teeth Archipelago, a breeding ground for many of the world’s ancient dragons. For centuries, the Korhallons had endured siege after siege from the winged beasts. Yet, they never faltered, and because of their prowess as warriors, many of the empires to the east were spared the same relentless assault.

As such, and according to the ancient scriptures, Zeniton, the right hand of God, used his limitless power to lift they very continent of Korhallo into the sky, transporting it from the mortal realm to the supernal. This was their gift for protecting the East without fail. In return, they were entrusted with an ancient relic, one of the three primordial sentient weapons, Shuja Waukoo Bora.

Legend says that when the Gmorgon, Eater of Worlds, manifested into creation, so did the Trinity. Opposing forces, like matter to antimatter, the Gmorgon and the Trinity were created as a pair, each of them existing to annihilate the other. But when the Gmorgon was said to have been bound by God within a prison beyond creation, the Trinity split into thirds, and their power went dormant. The Holy Order proclaims that only should the Gmorgon emerge, would the Trinity awaken.

It would be the Korhallons duty to keep Shuja safe, until the day it would rouse from its slumber.

Undisclosed Author, Bearer of the Seeker’s Mark 4,112 of the 16th Age

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