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Why I Tell Stories

January 07, 2014 By: Christopher D. Eldridge Category: Uncategorized

I am not a story-teller because I want you to laugh, or cry, or love. I tell stories because I want you to believe in magic. I want you to believe that anything is possible, as you probably once did when you were a child.

And along the way, I hope that you will laugh. I hope that you will fall in love. I hope that you will weep in sadness, and cry in your joy. Most of all, I hope you will live in my world as you do in your own. And in that brief time we spend together linked only by a page with words, I hope that my world will stay with you, forever.

I am a writer because of magic, mystery, and the need to believe. It is also why I continue to read. Without stories, who would take me outside of my own imagination? Who would show me a world beyond my own? Who would allow me to dream?

A world without stories is a world without imagination–our unique gift to the world. For it is our imaginations that make us human. And it is why we will never stop telling stories.

Sample Chapters From Book One

September 16, 2013 By: Christopher D. Eldridge Category: Uncategorized

Updated 06/21/15 – Newest revision posted.

Just a quick update for those who might be interested in actually reading something from book 1. I’ve added the prologue and the first two chapters to my website for those interested in getting a glimpse of The Mark of a Legend (pending title). If you happen to read it and would like to read more, just send me a message or post in the comments.

So here you go: Sample Chapters From Book One

Enjoy the Silence

May 23, 2013 By: Christopher D. Eldridge Category: Uncategorized

For the few of you who might stop in occasionally, only to see that I haven’t posted in forever, here’s an update.

I won’t be posting much until I find an agent to represent book 1. So until then, enjoy the silence. Hopefully it won’t be too long…

P.S. I might be doing a major overhaul of the world map. Some of these changes will include adding tons of new biomes and replacing a number of unrealistic names.

Worldbuilders – Making the World a Better Place

December 09, 2011 By: Christopher D. Eldridge Category: Uncategorized

Updated 2/7/12 – Thanks to everyone who participated this year to make Worldbuilders such a success.

As a worldbuilder, a lover of books, and a person who believes in helping others, I wanted to share a fabulous charity that one of my favorite authors, Patrick Rothfuss, runs every December. Pat is an awesome fantasy writer, and he also happens to be a wonderful and giving person. Every year, since becoming a published author, he runs a charity called Worldbuilders.

Worldbuilders is connected to Heifer International, a charity that helps people raise themselves up out of poverty and starvation. They also promote education, sustainable agriculture, and local industry. By doing so, they don’t just keep kids from starving, they make it so families can take care of themselves. They give goats, sheep, and chickens to families so their children have milk to drink, warm clothes to wear, and eggs to eat. It’s no surprise that this is Patrick’s favorite charity.

YOU CAN HELP! By following the above Worldbuilders link, you can donate money and get your name entered into a drawing to win any number of cool stuff, like rare and signed books. Every ten dollars gets your name put into this lottery. If risk isn’t your game, you can also hop over to Pat’s gift shop, The Tinker’s Pack and purchase any number of the cool merchandise available. All of the proceeds go to Worldbuilders. There will also be auctions, where you can bid on ultra-rare and super cool stuff, such as an entire manuscript review/critique by Patrick Rothfuss himself, or one from several professional agents in the industry (something I hope to bid on next year…if I can come up with the money).

Note that Patrick matches every dollar you donate and Heifer matches 50%. That’s pretty awesome. In fact, the first year Pat started up Worldbuilders, it did so well that it left him broke. But he said the entire process helped him get his emotional feet back under him after dealing with all the stress of becoming a published author, as well as getting him out of a dip of a depression.

Worldbuilders is something I partake in every year, and if you like the cause, I urge you to do the same. Helping people and winning cool stuff is a win-win for everyone. So just click this WORLDBUILDERS link and get all the info from Pat himself OR go directly to the Worldbuilders Donation Page.

Book Cover Contest

August 18, 2011 By: Christopher D. Eldridge Category: Uncategorized

Help me decide which of the following book covers to chose by placing your vote for your favorite cover art. There are three different versions for the book Eater of Worlds. Just follow the links below and then place your vote.

Cover 1. – The Eater of Worlds has just consumed the planet of Ephos, leaving it a dead husk, and has now moved on to Zenita.
Cover 2. – The Eater of Worlds has consumed all living things on the planet of Ephos and half of its atmosphere. It has just begun to feed on Zenita.
Cover 3. – The Eater of Worlds is making its way toward the planets of Andine and Endico in the far reaches of the Solar System. It has ripped the planet of Ephos apart and consumed half of it. It is now just beginning to feed on Rindar and Zenita, the only two planets that bear life within the Solar System.

What's Your Favorite Cover?

Cover 1.
Cover 2.
Cover 3.

A Little Fun With Poetry

June 18, 2011 By: Christopher D. Eldridge Category: Uncategorized

For today’s post, here is a fun and silly, semi-philosophical free-verse poem. It is a bit of a play (quip, spoof, parody) on poetry in general, so it is chalked full of repetition, alliteration, and rhyming. I originally wrote this way back in 1997 in High School, and I’ve only moderately revised it in order to keep it true to its original form. I hope you enjoy it.

Twisted Babbles of the Hidden Truths

Confusion runs rampant in the neural circuits of life, a traveling message ever-changing, never stable as it seeks to find the answers to its troubling fable. (more…)

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